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Elena – Consultant at BCG

Elena joined the Boston Consulting Group directly out of school and has now been with the company for two years. Nicolas: Readers are probably wondering…READ MORE

Eddie – Private Equity Analyst

After two years at Bain & Co., Eddie joined a private equity firm as an associate where he stayed for two years. After his MBA…READ MORE

Scott – Strategic Partnership Development at GrouponLive

Scott is in Strategic Partnership Development at GrouponLive and worked as a Market Research Manager & Case Team Leader at Smart Think. He also graduated…READ MORE

Charles – Private Equity Analyst at Blackstone

Charles joined Blackstone in 2012 as a private equity analyst. Before that he was an intern at a Bulge Bracket bank. Nicolas: Let’s start with informal…READ MORE

Will – Analyst at Blackrock

Will is an analyst in Blackrock’s graduate program. Before joining he received offers from top companies including Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank.  Nicolas:…READ MORE

Alessandro – Commercial Finance Manager at P&G

Alessandro has been with Procter & Gamble for the last four years and has worked on Cost of Fund analysis, financial planning and logistics. He’s…READ MORE