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Success Stories

"I'm exceptionally happy with the resume provided by Nicolas. My new resume is more concise and relevant, and accordingly reads a lot better. Nicolas was excellent at drawing out additional information from me to enhance the impact of my resume on interviewers. Overall the quality of the service is 10/10"
Scott - Investment Banking Vice-President
"Nicolas is the best editor I worked with so far. He did a complete transformation of my resume and cover letter. After he was done, my long and dreamy cover letter and resumes became concise and impactful documents. It was a pleasure working with him!"
Sean - Corporate Finance Analyst
"I've worked with Nicolas for a little over two years now, first to get an Investment Banking job and then to convert it to a Private Equity gig. He did everything for me: resume, cover letter, interview preparation and networking coaching. On top of that he also coached me on a monthly basis during my banking job to help me perform better and land a PE offer. I can't recommend him enough!"
Maggie - Private Equity Analyst

The Process

Why Me

My Mission

Right now, some people get a bigger job in finance because their family is connected to a Fortune 500 executive. Do you really think that becoming a managing director or a corporate finance executive just because you can is good enough? My goal is to help the “right” people build their network, grow their knowledge and their skills so that they can get the finance job they want and make a difference. What I’m truly excited about is guiding you through your career. I want you to know that you have someone out there who cares about you and your ...Read More

My Experience

Since starting my business in 2012, I’ve worked on a lot more than amazing resumes. I’ve helped over 100 clients land offers at top investment banks and Fortune 500 companies, including Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, General Electric and Google. From Analyst to Managing Directors, from New York to Shanghai (without forgetting London, Dubai and South Africa) I’ve coached my clients on their networking technique and their LinkedIn profiles; I edited their resumes and cover letters, and grilled them during intensive interview preparation sessions. 


You may have originally discovered me through my work as an Associate Editor at Mergers & Inquisitions where I’ve been writing for over 200 000 readers on topics ranging from “6 months step-by-step game plan to Finance Interview preparation” to “The Corporate Finance Jobs Hierarchy”. I also gave speeches on career performance in front of large audiences including Fortune 1000 CEOs, executives and… ambassadors! I also have a book coming up in 2015 about finance interviews (more on that soon hopefully).

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