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Your 6-Month Step-by-Step Game Plan to Finance Interview Prep, Part 2: What to Do in the 2 Weeks Leading Up to Interviews… and the Week After

The first 5 months of your interview prep were all about building a sound foundation, so the last few weeks before interviews begin are mostly about fine-tuning that foundation in the wake of mounting pressure and limited time.

This time around, we’ll turn our attention to what you need to do 2 weeks before interviews, 1 week before interviews, and then go down to days, hours, and minutes before interviews.

In this article, you’ll learn:

– How to find “insider information” (the legal kind) on specific companies and use that to gain a big leg-up in interviews

– How you can anticipate and prepare for specific questions in advance

– What you should avoid doing in the 48 hours to 24 hours before an interview… that other people sometimes claim is a good idea

– How to build your confidence right before the interview

Two Weeks Before the Interview – Deals and Networking

So now you’re down to two weeks left for more focused preparation, which means that it’s time to dig deeper into the company… READ MORE

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