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How to write a great “Interests” section for your Investment Banking or Corporate Finance resume?

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Often the interests’ section is overlooked by people when they are writing their resume. Most of them just list random, boring clichés like “Reading, Music, Movies” or worst of all “Travel”.

No one in their right mind would waste a line of their resume by writing “Job: Finance at a bank” so why do it for the Interests section?

The guys doing the recruiting are (most of the time) not HR, they are analysts or managers who are sleep deprived, stressed out and bored with the pile of 100 resumes in front of them. They want excitement and they want to interview someone interesting.

So the #1 goal of your interest section is to appeal to them so that you get invited for an interview. The #2 goal , which is actually the most important, is to trigger questions about your interest during the interview. You’re better off talking about how great a swimmer you are rather than about obscure accounting technicalities, right?

That’s why you need to be specific and to quantify your interests:

– Big soccer fan? Great, just write “Arsenal football club supporter, handled the logistics for three trips in Europe for 100+ participants”

– Golf enthusiast? What about “Golf: 10 years of practice, participated in the New York Riviera Tournament, Handicap 7”

– Big traveler? Try “Travel: backpacked through 25+ countries in Europe and Africa”

Now go ahead and rewrite your Interests’ section to get more interviews and easier questions during those interviews!

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