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Over the next two years I’ll interview 300 finance top performers who are currently working in Investment Banking, Private Equity and Corporate Finance. As I go along, I’ll share their insights with you on 300 Finance Gurus.

The Story

In February 2014, I had been working as a Financial Analyst for General Electric (GE) banking division for over two years. I had just finished the prestigious corporate finance graduate program where I worked in Banking, Real Estate and even Aviation all over Europe. I was graduating with excellent feedback from my managers and even received an award directly from the CEO of General Electric Real Estate for a $100MM project I worked on. I was receiving emails from CFOs and Executives at GE Capital asking if I wanted a job in their division…but instead I decided to QUIT the company.

To understand why I left a Fortune 10 company despite several solid job offers, I need to rewind a little. In 2012, concurrent with my very intense job, I started a coaching business on the side. I worked with Investment Banking and Corporate Finance professionals and I helped 100+ clients get really cool results. Investment Banking gigs at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Lazard. Corporate finance jobs at Google, Paypal and much more. I coached Analysts, Associates, Managers, Vice-Presidents and even two Managing Directors all over the world, in New York, London, Paris, Dubai and Hong Kong. I LOVE IT.

So that’s why I decided to turn down the job offers and quit GE to devote all my time to my coaching business. But if I was to coach people full-time, I wanted to become the BEST at it. That’s why I created 300 Finance Gurus in June 2014 and decided to invest a ton of time and resources, including my own money to meet 300 bankers, analysts and headhunters at top banks and F500 companies all over Europe and the US. I am embarking on a journey where over time I’ll interview the brightest, most successful bankers and corporate finance people and share the insights with you…all this while still coaching my clients to more success and results in their finance careers!


Q: Why not more than 300 Gurus?

A: 300 sounded good and it's probably going to take me two years. But, if you want to create 999 Finance Gurus, I’m sure the domain is available!

Q: So are you just interviewing people… like journalists?

A: Not really, no. If you just politely interview people, they give you the traditional ‘corporate talk’. Things like “ it’s important to work hard, apply on our website and we’ll contact you.” That’s boring, useless and…wrong. So, I don’t interview people, I grill them based on the coaching experience I have had with my 100+ clients. If they try to give me a bullshit answer, I call them on it and probe deeper.

Q: Ok, so you grill them, and then what are you going to do with the interviews?

A: For now I am ‘just’ publishing the best bits of the interviews on the website, so everyone can learn from them. I am also using some of the techniques and tactics when coaching my clients. In the future? I don’t know, maybe a book!

Q: What makes you qualified?

A: I am 3600 years old.

Q: But you look so young!

A: I am young…in human years. But, in terms of recruiting experience, I am 3600 years old. Let me do the math for you.

By the time people reach the age of 60, they will have changed jobs eight times, which probably means 20 hours updating their resume and 30 hours preparing for interviews. I’ve been living and breathing this stuff for the past three years and I have spent over 3000 hours editing resumes, interviewing experts, writing articles or books about interviews and recruiting.

3000 / 50 x 60 = 3600 years old… and that’s being very conservative; I’m probably more like 7000 years old.

Q: Is it ok if I call you, Sir, then?

A: I know I told you I am 3600 years old, but please don’t. I like to be informal with my clients. You don’t have to sign all your emails with ‘Regards’, either.

Q: Ok, so you’re experienced, but are you any good?

A: I worked with 98 clients between 2012 and 2013.

So, overall, that’s a success rate of 90.8% for 2012 and 2013, which is very high in the field (and 2014 is shaping up to be even better). Also, I am probably the only guy out there publishing my stats openly.

Q: There are loads of coaches out there. Why should I choose you?

A: Because I turn down 75% of the people who contact me.

Q: Doesn’t sound like a good way to generate business…

A: It’s not. Most websites work with anyone who’s willing to pay for their services. Personally, I only work with clients I love and who love me back. If we don’t connect, then no amount of money will make me want to help you land your dream job. I need to know you’ll do your best with the knowledge and material I’ll share with you. If you don’t love me back and just think I have the necessary skills, then it’s not going to work either. You need to trust me, because I’ll push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you.

Q: Ok, anything else?

A: As well as turning down a lot of people, what I offer is better because: